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theOpenScore Conversations Podcast Ep 8 - Spontaneity and Connection in Performance ft. Ben Goodrum

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I'm very excited to share with you a new podcast episode with @itsjustben.emotionalfitness! Thank you to Ben as well for helping to produce this episode and providing extra clips

Ben is an emotional fitness coach based in the UK.
He has played the piano since he was seven, going on to study at Leeds College of Music until an injury lead him on a journey of discovery, diving deeply into the relationship between emotions and self-expression, with regards to music, performance as a whole and general personal development.

Join Ben and I as we discuss the interconnected states of flow, presence, and communication in found in public speaking, break dancing, and musical performance.

Happy Listening!


Ben's Socials: Instagram | Facebook | Website | Tiktok | Youtube

Time Stamps

00:00 - Introduction

Public Speaking

00:49 - What does Public Speaking feel like?

01:25 - Spontaneity and Connection in Public Speaking


3:44 - Flow state in Break dancing

Mindset in Music

6:49 - Different Performance Mindsets in Public Speaking, Dancing, and Music

8:21 - on Mistakes

11:30 - Flow in Dancing

12:52 - Finding Flow in Music and Creativity

15:55 - Stage Presence and Spontaneity

19:48 - Finding Vulnerability and Commitment to Expression

22:25 - Nervousness, Resistance, Anxiety

24:57 - Practicing Stage Presence

26:22 - Self Mastery, Acceptance and Surrender

36:04 - Connection to Freedom in the Sound and Body

38:54 - How to Emotionally Connect with Music and Yourself

49:14 - Unlocking Physical Freedom


54:38 - Ben’s Social and Contacts

55:22 - What does an Emotional Fitness Coach do?


Happy Listening! Michelle

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