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I'm Michelle, and I work with pianists who crave the knowledge to take their craft and talent to the next level.

I give you the tools to have more joyful and effective practice sessions without all the frustration disappointment and hopelessness. With an undergraduate and Masters in Piano Performance and Literature and over 10 years of teaching experience, I’ve got the experience to help you along your musical journey.

Michelle Lau Pianist
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Back in University, I had suffered from an injury that surfaced due to a combination of mental and physical hurdles such as over use, poor practice habits and technique, and poor mindset. My teachers, peers, and doctors couldn’t give me the guidance I needed and talking about being injured wasn’t as safe for musicians as it is today. I felt hopeless, alone, and devastated.

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It felt like it was going to be the end of my career as a musician.

Thankfully, like a blessing in disguise, this injury opened the door to a second passion of mine which was performance health, psychology and medicine. Taking it upon myself to get a mentally and physically healthy relationship with my body, mind, and music, I researched obsessively into piano technique and pedagogy, sports medicine, performance health and psychology, and much more. I’m now a happy, injury-free musician who has an even deeper love for music and the skills to back it up!

I don’t want other musicians to go through the same loneliness and helplessness I went through, so that’s why theOpenScore exists!

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I love sharing my knowledge and empowering others to get unstuck. Whether it’s sharing tips or relatable skits through theOpenscore, pedagogy and business strategies on the TeachMusically podcast, or creating entertaining musical content on 2sharps1flat, I love sharing knowledge and positive vibes that help you feel empowered to get back into cultivating you craft!

If you’re a musician looking for guidance, then I’m also available for lessons! No matter where you are on your musical journey, my lessons will give you the space to be yourself in a calm and fun environment.

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Don’t know how to practice a passage? I can break it down for you!

Feeling like your technique is lacking? Let’s fill in the holes together!

Dreading your practice sessions? Let’s discuss how to have more effective and fulfilling practice sessions!

Ouch! Does it hurt to play? I know exactly what that feels like and I might be able to help!

Do you feel insecure in your playing? Let’s talk about performance psychology and mindset strategies!

New at piano but want to start off on the right foot? Let’s develop a great foundation together!

Michelle Lau Pianist

My students learn how to adopt a growth mindset and empowering habits that help them achieve the technique and musicality that help them perform at their best. I will help you break down the steps and mindsets on how to approach challenges so you’ll never go into your practicing feeling lost and helpless. My lessons will help you learn how to learn so that you’ll be able to stand confidently in the practice room or on stage! When a musician knows how to combine a healthy mindset with the tools to tackle any challenge, they become an unstoppable musician capable of expressing themselves in their music freely.


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I've had the pleasure of working with Michelle for the last couple of years to fulfill my dream of becoming a piano player.


As an adult student she is very conscious of my needs and her passion for

Music makes for a wonderful learning environment both in person and online.


My success as a piano student would not be as productive if it were not for her professionalism and great communication skills mixed in with a lot of patience.


She made learning a topic like music theory into a fun and interactive experience, which I have enjoyed tremendously and look forward to learning more.



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