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theOpenScore Conversations Podcast Ep 7 - Musician's Health Made Simple ft. Tom Trones from Minuendo

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It was my pleasure to have Tom Trones on this episode of theOpenScore Conversation Podcast. He is the Co founder and Chief Product Officer of Minuendo - a company that is passionate in bringing category defining hearing protection products that users will truly enjoy wearing. In this podcast, you’ll learn about the importance of protecting your hearing as a musician, his pathway from guitarist to designing his ear plugs and what it was like to take a product from the idea stage all the way to selling a complete product during the pandemic.

Pssst!……Although this video is not directly sponsored by Minuendo themselves, I have a discount code for 20% of the Lossless ear plugs from their distributor - Soundbrenner.

Happy Listening!


Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro

Tom's Background

01:24 - Tom's musical background

04:07 - How Tom became the CEO and CPO of Minuendo

05:15 - Tom made ringtones

06:03 - How Tom developed his passion for hearing protection

Hearing Health and Safety

10:00 - Unsafe decibel levels for hearing

13:03 - Correlation between hearing damage and dementia

14:18 - Practice examples of unsafe decibel levels

18:03 - How is hearing damage accumulated?

20:19 - Environments that could potential harm your hearing

23:07 - How do you know if you have hearing damage?

On the Lossless ear plugs

34:12 - Lossless ear plugs and its revolutionary technology

29:29 - Who could use the Lossless ear plugs?

32:18 - What's special about the Lossless ear plugs?

The experience of developing a product

37:01 - How were the Lossless ear plugs manufactured?

40:16 - The experience of testing a product

43:20 - Why so many ear tips?!

48:30 - Testing stages for the Lossless Ear Plugs

49:36 - What it feels like to have the final product

50:49 - Bureaucracy is harder than creating a product

53:33 - Minuendo's next product

57:02 - Where can you purchase the Lossless ear plugs?


Happy Listening! Michelle

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