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theOpenScore Conversations Podcast Ep 6 - Musician's Health Made Simple ft. Dr. Kensley Behel

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I'm very excited to share with podcast with you because Dr. Behel is a fantastically passionate Musician's Health Researcher. She is such a bright and effect force in making positive changes for musicians - at the institutional, education, and individual level. Her mission on elevating performance medicine for musicians is going to be leading wave of change in this industry!

About Dr. Kensley

Dr. Kensley Behel went from injured musician to musicians' health researcher to help musicians like you have a healthier career. She uses her Ph.D. in Performing Arts Health combined with years of experience coaching others to provide solutions to musicians' injuries like Stress Velopharyngeal Insufficiency, Music Performance Anxiety, and Burnout! She is passionate about sharing her story so that others know they are not alone.

If you're wanting to incorporate more injury prevention tips into your classroom, or you need help finding a solution, reach out to Kensley on her Website and her Instagram: @kensleybehel

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro

01:42 - Dr. Behel’s Journey

08:42 - Difficulty of playing the Clarinet with Stress Velopharyngeal Insufficiency

10:13 - How Musicians and Health Care Professionals can improve communication 14:01 - Growth Discomfort vs Injury and how to tell it apart

15:31 - On Musculoskeletal Injuries 16:46 - On Implementing Musician Health in Education

18:04 - How the current state of Musician’s Health Education and Support is unsatisfactory

21:00 - Dr. Behel’s Ideal Implementation of Musician Health Prevention and Education 25:39 - Why musicians struggle to receive health care in America

27:16 - Similar mindsets between athletes and musicians (hours of practice and perf. anxiety)

31:46 - How musicians can transform anxious energy to benefit them

34:12 - On Recreating performance/audition experiences to practice performing

36:35 - On “Musician ear plugs don’t work”

42:11 - Solutions for good hearing health cannot end at the individual 44:48 - On Social media to promote Musician’s Health and all her services!


Happy Listening! Michelle

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13 Kas 2023

The podcast is poised to become a valuable resource, shedding light on the intersection of health and music, a topic that often goes underexplored. Dr. Behel's commitment to making a meaningful impact in the industry and her expertise in musician's health promise to be a beacon for positive change. Listeners can look forward to gaining valuable insights and perhaps even being inspired to prioritize their own well-being in the pursuit of musical excellence. And to increase the popularity of your songs, I recommend using the best spotify promotion services:

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