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Successful Studios Have a Studio Policy

When setting up your own studio, one of THE most important things to have is a studio policy - also known as a studio policy, studio agreement, or studio handbook.

A studio policy is absolutely necessary to set yourself up for a healthy and thriving studio. You want to designed it so that everyone on the same page in terms of expectations and ground rules. This will set up the student-teacher-parent dynamic for success and allows everyone to focus on music learning as opposed to the headache of rescheduling lessons.

More importantly, it prevents awkward situations such as chasing students for late lesson fees or being taken advantage of. Essentially, a studio policy is the terms and conditions for everyone to have a happy working relationship.

Here are some things would want to include in your studio handbook/policy to set yourself up for successful and avoid potential headaches.

Who are you? Introduce yourself!

It is definitely important to let potential students know who you are and what you can offer them. Begin your handbook or policy with some information about who you are, what your credentials are, your teaching philosophy, and how you will help your potential student achieve their musical goals.

Studio Expectations

Payment Policy

Make Up Lesson Policy

Musician's Health Education and Awareness


Your studio policy will change and grow with you and your ever evolving business. It doesn’t have to be set in stone! As you find your rhythm with owning your own music studio, you will start inserting little nuances and sections to your handbook that will help you run your business more effectively.

But! If you’re feel that making your 
studio policy is overwhelming, don’t worry! 
I’ve already gotten you started!

I have a 10 page customizable Canva Studio Policy template for you that is based off my own studio handbook/policy which lands me a new student right on the first meeting!

This template has :

- pre-written, Done for you excerpts

- prompts and guided passages designed to help you convert potential students into paying student

- helpful pages that I didn't cover in this blog post

- a customizable layout and colour scheme to fit your studio's aesthetic

- Musician's health and education awareness page

- basic enrolment form

The has work is laid out for you and all you have to do is customize the handbook/policy to suit your needs.

Hopefully my experience and this post will help set up your studio policy and avoid most of the issues I wish I knew about!

Hope this all helps! Happy Practicing!


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